In recent years, Vietnam’s plastic industry has continuously developed. Plastic products are present in all industries, agriculture, transportation, fisheries, construction, electricity and electronics. High-end products requiring high quality such as oil pipes, plastic parts for cars, and computers have also been successfully produced by Vietnamese plastic enterprises.

In every family, plastic interior decorations have also been accepted by consumers. Plastic furniture products such as beds, cabinets, tables and chairs, bookshelves, TV shelves… are manufactured from high-quality raw materials combined with processing using new technologies that are not only cheap and beautiful but also more convenient. Easy to assemble and the product’s durability is higher, diverse in designs, colors, flexible when shaping, more convenient to store and assemble for homes.

As production scale grew larger and to keep product costs low, stack mold were born. Currently, people have processed stack molds up to 4 level.


  • Electronic assembly industry.
  • Automobile assembly industry.
  • Electrical equipment components.
  • Household appliances.
  • Consumer goods.
  • Products used in medicine.
  • Tools and instruments


We divide into two types of molds:

  • The female plates of the mold are on the same side of each other. The system pushes the product in one direction. This type of mold can use a cold channel system and a hot channel system.
  • The female plates of the mold are located opposite each other. The system pushes the product out from two opposite sides. For this type of mold, we use a hotrunner system to ensure the plastic is always hot.

Stack mold 2-level


  • Improve the working efficiency of the machine (output doubled).
  • Reduce the number of machines for the injection process.
  • Small capacity machines can still meet the requirements; motor cavity mold or multiple cavities on one level of mold.
  • The operation of the molds is independent.
  • Simple structure.

Stack mold 4-level


  • Output increases 100% compared to two-level molds
  • Use hotrunner system.

However the structure is more complicated.

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