Sponge foam, including materials such as PU, PE, EPT, EVA, CR, PORON … Widely used in many fields such as:

  • Industrial vehicles such as motorcycles: sound insulation, anti-vibration, anti-noise, sieve
  • Home appliances manufacturing industry: sealing, gas-proof, soundproofing, insulating in appliances such as air conditioning, television, refrigerator, home cooker…
  • Office machinery manufacturing: used in printers, fax machines.

We offer services for electronics, telecommunications, consumer products, aerospace, automotive, and medical industries.

Made from carbide, steel, plastic, and titanium materials. Precision metal stamping and manufacturing services are also offered. Suitable for appliance, computer, energy, furniture, hardware, control systems, machinery and transportation applications. Used for checking, inspecting and assembling purpose.

  • Meets ASTM standards and US specifications.
  • ISO 9001:2015.

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