Gia công CNC chi tiết gá lắp máy

Alt:Gia công CNC chi tiết gá lắp máy

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Single cavity molds Molds containing only one cavity, producing one unit per run. Molds with side-action cores Cores slide out of the part from the side before it is ejected from the mold. This allows for undercuts to be molded. Multi-cavity molds Multiple identical cavities are machined into the mold tool. This allows for more…

We offer services for electronics, telecommunications, consumer products, aerospace, automotive, and medical industries.

Made from carbide, steel, plastic, and titanium materials. Precision metal stamping and manufacturing services are also offered. Suitable for appliance, computer, energy, furniture, hardware, control systems, machinery and transportation applications. Used for checking, inspecting and assembling purpose.

  • Meets ASTM standards and US specifications.
  • ISO 9001:2015.

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