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ISO 9001 : 2015 Certificate

About us

CNC services
  • Precision Machining
  • Job shop machining
  • Workshop machining
  • Factory set up
  • Part design
  • Fixture design
Quality Policy Statement

Our Commitment

Providing services and products that are trusted, fast, precision with high value added. We are fully commited to satify the requirement of ISO 9001:2015 including continuos improvement.

Our Objective

  • On time delivery.
  • Using qualifed equipment, method, measuring devives in productions.
  • Fully achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous reducing cost.

Figure work

CNC chi tiết máy CNC chi tiết trụ 3D CNC chi tiết bằng Teflon CNC theo bản vẽ CNC chi tiết máy nhựa


​Foam Die Cutting

​Foam Die Cutting

Sponge foam, including materials such as PU, PE, EPT, EVA, CR, PORON … Widely used in many fields such as: Industrial vehicles such as motorcycles: sound…
CNC Drilling Services

CNC Drilling Services

Tenno Engineering has offered precision custom drilling services as part of micro machining services, specializing in high quality custom machined components,…
Mold and Fixture Design

Mold and Fixture Design

Single cavity molds Molds containing only one cavity, producing one unit per run. Molds with side-action cores Cores slide out of the part from the side before…